Men's Club
Men's Club

Men's club is an active, fun, community based organization. Our mission is to bring the men of TBA together in a way that strengthens our Jewish beliefs, to build our community and to build relationships among the men at our synagogue. We also contribute services towards social, charitable and cultural activities of its members, and those activities that promote an appreciation and understanding of the Jewish heritage among the Jewish community at large.

Our Goal

The primary goal of our Men's Club is to help support and represent our congregation; and to help provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and sense of togetherness with our Jewish friends and family.

We welcome your involvement in the Men's Club at B'nai Israel. We have an intense desire to present our congregants and community with new diverse and exciting programs, as well as our currently established services. We have many long standing traditions and programs that have served us well over the years. We are always looking towards the future with new and exciting ideas and activities for the entire congregation to enjoy.

Some of Our Current Men's Club Programs:

Ushering for the High Holy services.

Holy seating for early arrivals, so don't be late!

Annual shopping spree at Macy's.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help underprivileged youth provide gifts for their family during the holidays. The families we support would not be able to experience the holiday season like most of us, and this shopping spree helps to provide meaningful and essential gifts like clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances and other materials that help make everyday living a little easier. Partnering with Macy's, Big Buddy program, and countless volunteers we raise money to purchase gift cards that are used by the children to purchase holiday gifts for everyone in their families. This program has been going on for almost 40 years.

Building the Sukkah

Another tradition the Men's Club has enjoyed throughout the years is the building of the Sukkah. It is a great time to come together and build something for the entire congregation to enjoy. It is a festive occasion to watch the smiles on the children's faces when they get to see their decorations hanging from the Sukkah, and even more satisfying is coming together as a family to break bread under the Sukkah. We are planning on an overnight campout and bonfire this year.

The annual Men's Club Picnic

We celebrate the end of the religious school year with a fun filled morning of food and games. In the past we have enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs, snow cones, space walks, a dunking booth, and various other activities and delicious treats for our congregation to enjoy.

Breakfast and Brotherhood

The latest addition to the Men's Club is our Brotherhood Breakfast. The breakfast is sponsored by the Men's Clubs of both Baton Rouge synagogues B'nai Israel and Beth Shalom. It is a unified effort to create a more complete Jewish community atmosphere. As this is a new program for both Men's Clubs, we are working together to create new and interesting topics of conversation for the breakfast, some of which include forums on health, financial interests, and our continuing effort to promote the spiritual growth of the Jewish men in our community.

The Men's Club is continuously working to create new programs and provide opportunities for togetherness. We have ideas ranging from father/son fishing trips to sports related events that will take us into the religious community at large, including our Jewish family from the New Orleans area. All men are welcome at our events, regardless of being an official member of the men's club. We can always use the support, assistance, and ideas from the men at B'nai Israel and we will notify our brotherhood when it is time to lend a hand. Also, please feel free to contact us and offer your assistance if you wish, it will be greatly appreciated. Our hard work and dedication for the congregation and Jewish community at large is fundamental in creating a unified network of support to benefit us all.

2014-2016 Men's Club Officers:

Nathan Levy - President



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