Women of CBI
Women of Congregation B'nai Israel
From its inception, the women of Congregation B'nai Israel have played a pivotal role in the great success enjoyed by the synagogue and its members.  Currently, women of the synagogue work together in the organization, Women of CBI, whose goal is to assist the congregation and its members in promoting the goals of both the synagogue and our Jewish faith.  As an auxiliary branch of our congregation, Women of CBI is active in numerous areas of congregational life including support to the synagogue for Jewish holidays and life cycle events and support of the religious school and various youth programs.  In addition, Women of CBI remains an important agent in promoting social interaction for women in the synagogue.
Women of CBI is continually striving to meet the needs of all women in our synagogue.  We are not just a group of older (or younger) women.  We are not just for "at home" mothers or for "working women".  We need the involvement and dedication of all women pledged to the growth of Congregation B'nai Israel.  We seek your input and your assistance in developing the programming needed by women of all ages in congregational life.
We are a group of women concerned about keeping the Jewish light burning in our community and in our homes.  There is a place for you in WCBI!  Your membership directly benefits Congregation B'nai Israel.  Our children will reap the benefits of your good works, both now and in the future.

2018 President:  Paige Wormser



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