Live Camera for Sanctuary


Our video is a work in progress but you can see our camera now if you follow the directions below. The first set of directions are for Internet Explorer and the second is for MAC.


Call the office for the current password in order to view the video.  If this is your first time to use our live streaming video, go through the instructions several days earlier to make sure you are able to view the live streaming. 


1)  GETTING STARTED . . . Click on the following link to view the live camera in the sanctuary.  Bookmark the link to your favorites and you can go straight to the camera instead of through the website the next time. 


2)  USER NAME AND PASSWORD . . . Put in user name (Sanctuary) and password (this changes so if you have gotten a password from the office and it doesn't work, it may have changed - call 343-0111 or email for the new one). 

3)  VIDEO PLAYER . . . There will be a pop up to downline a video player - click download. 

          a:  Click Run      b: click yes      c:  click next      d:  click finish     e:  refresh internet explorer

4)  CAMERA . . . On the bottom of your screen, pop will say allow plug in?  cllick yes.  You will see some icons on the bottom of the screen.  Find the live view and click.  You may have to click on the audio if you see a red x - this will un-mute.  Now you should see the Sanctuary in a box - click on it twice for a full screen.  You are now seeing and hearing the camera.  Don't worry - the audio is one way and no one can hear or see you.

5)  FOLLOW UP. . . .We ask that you email us afterwards with any comments or suggestions.  


If you have a MAC, you will need to download the following software to view the camera.  Then go to step 4.


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