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From the Director: Welcome!

“The World is sustained by three things: by the Torah, by worship, and by loving deeds.” – Simon the Just

Welcome to Congregation B’nai Israel Religious School! Within our Religious School program we aim to ensure the future of the Jewish people by leading students to a love and understanding of these three pillars of Judaism: Torah (study), Avodah (prayer), and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of kindness). Our students belong to a nurturing community dedicated to providing a dynamic and rich educational setting and opportunity for positive growth. Through the invaluable partnership between Religious School education, congregational life, and family life, students are able to integrate Judaism into their developing personal identity.

Congregation B’nai Israel Religious School is a family committed to supporting each child throughout their life cycle journey here. We benefit immensely from our active and engaging Rabbi, Faculty, Board of Trustees, Education Committee, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Youth Groups, and volunteer parents that contribute to the tangible warmth and energy that is felt each week. We welcome new faces and returning friends. To schedule an appointment or to speak with me regarding Religious School please contact me at -225-343-0111 or

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Julie Tepper
Religious School Director

Our Students

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  • children holding packaged turkeys
  • teens sitting and reading together
  • bat mitvzah girl walking with a torah
  • parents doing an art project with young child
  • kids standing on chairs
  • students sitting at a seder table
  • confirmation students posing on the bimah
  • teacher with three young students in a sukkah
  • young boy and girl sitting at a table for Shabbat
  • two boys holding up Israeli flags
  • bar mitzvah boy walking with a torah

Our Program

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